Damian Malachi is a best-selling horror writer, loving husband and dedicated father. However, Malachi holds a dark secret. As a young boy, he disappeared for two days only to return different - changed. In what felt like a lifetime, Damian was stolen to Sanctuary, a place where the monsters that we know in fiction were real and had all but destroyed humanity. In Sanctuary, Malachi discovered a dark power binding him to the powers of the lumbering Frankenstein's Monster, the savage Werewolf, the feral Fish-Man, the enigmatic Mummy and the tyrannical Dracula. Trained by the poetic and repentant Igor and the undead Van Helsing, Damian Malachi became the Monster Man - a chimera of all the monsters and their greatest threat. Today, two decades later, with more children missing and his family threatened, Damian must go back to the world that stole him once and may kill him now.