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The Werewolf
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Frankenstein’s Monster
The Fish Man
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The Monster Man The Frankenstein’s Monster’s bolts jut from his neck, allowing him to weave and manipulate electricity from the Earth itself. The Monster Man’s clawed hands are wrapped as the Mummy’s and ancient sands are his to command. Gills line just under his furred neck which allow him to move with ease under waters as the Fish-Man. Last but certainly not least, his elongated canines belong to the Nosferatu and their diverse arsenal of abilities belong to him. The Monster Man wields one of the five green shards of a crystal, the Walestone, enabled him to tap into the stone's other five recepients - the lumbering Frankenstein's Monster, the savage Werewolf, the feral Swamp Creature, the enigmatic Mummy and the tyrannical Dracula. Trained by the poetic and repentant Igor and the now-vampiric Dr. Van Helsing, Malachi became the Monster Man - a chimera of all the monsters and their greatest threat