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ME: "Hey baby, is it Inner Wife, Innerwife or Inner wife?"

Innerwife: "As long as you call me the right way, they're all good." *winking*

ME: "They don't know you, sweetie...I'd define you, my Innerwife, as a constant voice of spousal consideration."

Innerwife: "Nice, honey, how about 'an innervoice that helps you consider your spouse's wants and needs?' It simulates conversations over choices you could make and their impact on the relationship. It allows for a virtual spouse and lets you have fights and disagreements before having to actually have them!"

ME: "Couldn't have said it better myself."

Innerwife: *smiling* "Technically, you did say it yourself!"

The Inner Wife starts out feeling like you’re second guessing yourself when you get an invitation or when you begin to make plans for something.

But in actuality, an Inner Wife (and there are also Inner Husbands) is a development of consideration. It's a new level in the relationship when you learn to think about how an action will impact your loved one.

Being a man married to a woman, I’ve developed an “Inner Wife.” Inner spouses can be very helpful! They teach simply and educate quickly. They see and understand without the typical obstacles in relationship communication (e.g. selfishness, misinterpretation, pettiness.)

An inner spouse, and in my case, an Inner Wife, is the voice of consideration for someone else.

They're the voice inside saying “That sounds great for you, now how does this affect your sweetheart?” It also lets you have the fight without having the fight.

Run the situation by your Inner Spouse and hash it out before having to suffer a real argument.

Embrace your Inner Wife, Inner Husband, Inner Girlfriend, Boyfriend, whatever. You will find them to be the quickest path to relationship wisdom, peace and joy.